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Crane Lifting: 12 popular heavy lifts

  1. Air conditioning equipment. The most popular lift we make is to place or remove HVAC rooftop units.
  2. Poles. Light poles and goal posts at stadiums, sign poles and concrete traffic signal poles.
  3. Tanks. We lift and upright tanks to hold flour, water, plastic chips, gasoline, chemicals, limestone dust… you name it, we’ve probably set it.
  4. Big diggers. We help to assemble and disassemble dozers, excavators, front end loaders and ‘tonka’ trucks too big to haul in one piece. One dozer model we’ve done several times has a blade which weighs 32,000 lbs and is about the size of the side of a school bus. One of the excavators has a bucket you can park your pickup in… and your wifes car beside it… and your Harley between them.
  5. Steel buildings.
  6. Cell towers.
  7. Railroad engines and cars. One of our specialties is loading up the old cabooses and finding them new homes… at small town centers, folks riverside getaways, or just a big backyard hideout or bar.
  8. Cupolas, chimneys, roof trusses, laminated beams, chimney toppers… if it goes on a house we can put it in place effortlessly.
  9. Transformers. Most plants and some large retail stores have big green transformers around back. There is a good chance we put it there for the local power company.
  10. Concrete wall panels. We also set a lot precast concrete beams as floors and roofs of buildings and parking garages.
  11. Overseas shipping containers. We lift these off the trucks, back on the trucks, off the highways when they wreck, loaded and unloaded.
  12. Manufacturing machinery of all types: presses, balers, conveyors, truck scales, elevators, electric motors, generators, milling machines, lathes…

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