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40 Ton Crane Performance

A crane is a tool… used like any other human tool… to accomplish a task.  The thing about a crane is, if you push it too much and it just wasn’t built to do the size lift you require, only two things can happen…the crane turns over or the crane breaks!  We don’t know this from personal experience, but because we study the industry as a whole.  We keep up with accident statistics and causes to make ourselves better operators.

Take a dozer, now.  You can try to push too much all day long and you won’t hurt it or yourself.  You can rev the motor and spin those tracks and bury the thing, and no one gets hurt.  But a crane… there has never been a crane built that couldn’t be broken or turned over… with the engine idling!  They are just a different machine, and to get the job done you have to know what it’ll do before you set it up for the lift.

So what tasks will a 40 Ton hydraulic truck crane accomplish these days? …A whole lot of lifting!

…To answer this question more thoroughly crane operators will skip straight to the crane’s load chart. Here are the links to our T340 load chart and our M38100S chart.

Unfortunately most of us don’t have the experience reading crane load charts to be able to get actionable information this way.  Here’s a little help:

1) Find out your load’s weight and the load radius your job site requires.

2) Check out your job site, be sure there is a firm level place to set up the crane, and confirm that you have clearance from overhead obstructions, especially power lines.

3) Call SS Crane & Rigging.  For crane rentals in the Atlanta area call us at 678-848-6386. We’ll ask some questions to figure out what crane would be best for you.  We don’t have salesman or telemarketers, just crane operators, riggers, and a dispatcher.  If there is a way we can make your lift, we mean to figure it out.  If not, we’ll recommend somebody who can.