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30 ton Boom Truck Crane- $160/hr w/operator, $640 minimum! 100′ main boom, 90′ working reach, fast set-up!

If you believe in the old adage “Watch your pennies and your dollars will take care of themselves”, this is the crane for you.  With a thirty ton lifting capacity and a ninety foot side reach, it can definitely help maximize your lifting dollar.  Based in Cartersville and serving the entire Northwest Atlanta area, we utilize this boom truck for rooftop air units, trees, tanks, container unloading, you name it.  It is an excellent steel erector and truss setter, fast on the highway and quick to set up.  You pay for more lifting and less travel and set-up time!  To put this crane and one of our expert operators on your job call 678-848-6386.

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Welcome to North GA’s premier CRANE RENTAL Service Company



SS Crane & Rigging Corporation specializes in providing cranes by the hour to lift anything in the Atlanta and North Georgia area. We’ll send you a crane for one lift or a dozen. Our cranes are ‘street legal’, so they are always ready to go, and we furnish the machine driven to your place and operated by an expert.

crane lifting tank

We lift air conditioners across rooftops from Rome and Cartersville to Canton and Woodstock, we lift tanks and stand them from Dalton to Marietta, and we also set pumps at water plants, transformers for power companies… its a long list.

You can call us anytime to order a crane to meet your crew, you name the time and the place! Meanwhile, please browse the site… it is packed with information on cranes, the lifting business, the operator’s concerns…

This site is written for our customer, the end user, the guy who has a job to do. We intend to help get that job done, whether through a good machine arriving on time with a helpful operator or just an easy place to find information related to the task at hand… LIFTING!

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Crane Load Chart

The crane load chart is the crane operator’s bible. It is a simplified compilation of engineering data the crane manufacturer furnishes with the machine. This chart (or table) tells the reader what that machine will lift in any allowable configuration (boom length, load radius, outrigger span, area of operation, or jib deployed. Short-term crane rentals in the Atlanta area usually comprise a crane, delivered to your site, with an operator. Your operator is there to not only bring you your crane, but also to streamline the entire lifting process- he knows how to get your lift done safely.   A good operator knows and refers to the crane’s load chart.

crane lift steel

Be forewarned, there are many caveats to the figures in the load charts for modern cranes. Take the fine print seriously, in the lifting business it means everything!

The OSHA accredited crane operator’s exam has several hundred technical questions (the pass threshold is 80% correct answers, not the 60 or 70% we became complacent with in school). Most of the questions concern the crane load chart.

If you still want to read a load chart, read all notes from the beginning, browse through the tables, then carefully read the final page(s) of fine print. The boring stuff at the beginning and end defines and qualifies (reduces) a lot of the allowable load numbers in the tables. Then, when you are ready for the tables, make special note of the title of each section (most load charts are divided into sections based on the configuration of the crane.) Pay attention to the notes at the top, bottom, or to either side of the columns. Remember, among other things, the load radius is measured from the crane’s center of rotation to the center of gravity of the load you are wanting to lift.

For a sample chart from one of our rental cranes based in Atlanta, open this 40 ton crane load chart. The section title on page two “30-94′ BOOM AND HEAVY LIFT PACKAGE- ON OUTRIGGERS FULLY EXTENDED” is loaded with crucial information. That one statement defines the boom lengths covered, the counterweight installed, and the outrigger span required to lift the loads specified. Reading the section heading carefully tells us this section of the load chart covers what this crane will lift from the main boom with all outriggers fully extended. Note the column which specifies higher allowable loads for over rear. Drawings and notes on page one define the rear quadrant and describe the counterweight that must be in place to qualify for ‘Heavy Lift Package’ status.

On the other hand…

If you just want something lifted, quickly, effortlessly, and safely, by someone who has dozens of load charts memorized, call us at SS Crane & Rigging. For crane rentals in the Atlanta, Marietta, Kennesaw, Cartersville, or Canton areas call 678-848-6386.

Load charts from some popular cranes:

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What Size Crane Do I Need to Rent?

crane rental prefab

A crane load rating in ‘tons’ is an ultimate test load used to roughly classify or ‘group’ machines.

For example: A new 100 ton crane has been tested by the manufacturer to lift the 200,000 lbs at an 8 foot radius. This doesn’t tell you a whole lot about how much it’ll pick out there over the roof of the hospital.

That same 100 ton crane will only lift about 10,000 lbs if you have to place the load, let’s say, on a four story building, sixty feet back from the edge of the roof.

The important thing to remember, for your pocketbook, is that if you change any of three critical parameters, you change the crane requirements. A quick example: You can place that 10,000 lb load on that four story building with a 40 ton crane all day long if the load only has to go 20′ back from the edge of the roof.

As you can see, changing one critical parameter made the difference from a $3000.00 crane bill to a $500.00 bill…$2500.00 stays in your pocket because of one ‘little’ measurement!

For crane rentals in Atlanta give us a call at 678-848-6386. Our operators can tell you exactly how much the crane will safely lift for you.

Here’s what we’ll need to know:

1) You have a fairly level solid place to set up your crane with outriggers extended.

2) Where the aerial obstructions are. Booms are fairly straight so there needs to be a clear operating area at least 40′ high extending from your set-up site to around 30′ above your load placement spot. The edge of a building is a typical obstruction. Carefully measure in three places: (1) Feet from the edge of the building to the center of the spot where the load is to be set in place; (2) Feet from the edge of the crane setup area to the wall of the building, and; (3) Feet from the ground level of the setup area to the top edge of the building that the boom must clear. These critical measurements take about five minutes at the job site and/or can often be done from the drawings.

3) How much the load you are lifting weighs! We work just as well with pounds or kilograms.

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Load Radius

A radius is just a straight line measurement…from the very center of any circle to the outside edge of that same circle.

Long boom crane lifting materials

With respect to cranes, the load radius is the horizontal distance from the center of rotation of the crane to the center of gravity of the load being lifted. The load radius is a critical consideration when determining what size crane is required for most lifts. A five foot increase in reach required can easily mean a ten thousand pound reduction in capacity.

Horizontal is another term for level in crane talk. Horizontal measurements are made with the tape measure stretched flat and level (along the ground, or a roof top, for instance) and measuring to the nearest foot is usually good.

The center of rotation is a plumb line passing through the exact center of the crane turntable or swing gear. If you hold a plumb bob over the center of the swing gear, the string would be the center of rotation.

It might have to be a long string. If we want to know the load radius to set an air conditioner out in the middle of a roof, we need to know the horizontal measurement. If the building has a 45′ eave height, we’d need to start a good 40′ directly above the exact center of the crane turntable, a 41′ plumb string would be in order! Obviously, in the real world, its a lot easier to measure to something that is already plumb, like the wall, and then go up on the roof and measure from the eave on across the roof to where the unit center will be. Adding these two measurements will furnish the appropriate load radius.

The center of gravity is just a term for the very middle of the weight of the load. This is not always the tape measured middle of the unit.

If the load is a bundle of 12 foot long 2X4s then the center of gravity (c.g.) is indeed pretty close to 6′ from one the end and about half way across the bundle. If the load is a 50′ steel wide flange beam, the c.g. is pretty much exactly 25′ from the end, go ahead and choke it right there. Most rooftop HVAC units, on the other hand, have heavier internal components concentrated toward one end/side or the other. You can’t accurately determine the c.g. of most HVAC units with a tape measure.

The exact location of the c.g. notwithstanding, if you are so close to overloading your crane that one or two feet internal weight distribution makes a difference, it is usually best to move the crane closer to the load destination.

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Crane Rentals in Marietta Ga

SS Crane & Rigging has three 40 ton cranes dispatched from our Cartersville yard…meaning we can send a crane down I-75 with little traffic interference, hitting most Marietta locations in 30 minutes or less. Let us put a dent in your crane travel time expenses… Call 678-848-6386 for your next lift. One pick or all day, we’re here to save you money!

SS Crane & Rigging…the home of the Three Hour Minimum!!

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