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Heavy Lifting with a Big Boom Truck…

With a 38 ton capacity and 100′ main boom this Peterbilt mounted with a Manitex crane and full operator’s cab moves!  On the interstate, it easily moves with the traffic, keeping your travel time minimized.  On the job, it sets up faster and operates in more constricted areas with only seven feet of tail-swing and three outrigger positions.  All this and it has more reach with a longer main boom and a longer jib than most 40 and some 50 ton truck cranes.  A smaller, lighter, faster machine with longer main boom and longer total reach… what more can you ask for?  More capacity!  Yes, particularly when lifting to the side, this big boom truck moves more than your 40 ton truck cranes all day long!

So, if you need a quick pick, or a dozen, give us a try.  You can rent this machine with expert operator as easy as dialing 678-848-6386.  Based out of Calhoun, Adairsville, or Cartersville, we work Canton, Jasper, Ellijay, Rockmart, Rome, Summerville, Dalton, Kennesaw, Acworth, even down to Marietta.  With an hourly rate of $160, a four hour minimum, and NO fuel surcharge, moving your heavy load never was so easy!

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Crane HVAC lifting in Atlanta and North Georgia

SS Crane & Rigging Corp furnishes a fleet of cranes to lift HVAC equipment across North Georgia and the Atlanta, GA area. Though we commonly provide cranes from boom trucks up to 240 tons capacity, our 40 ton cranes are the machine of choice for most heating and air conditioning companies. They run around town and fit in compact sites like a boom truck, yet lift more, higher, further, and smoother.

If your company uses cranes to install HVAC equipment in Atlanta, you’ve probably used us more than once. If you haven’t, give us a call at 678-848-6386. You’ll get a meticulously cared for crane, with a proficient operator, at a money saving minimum. Let us know your reach and load requirements and we’ll tailor the crane size to your particular HVAC lift.

Crane HVAC lifting is safer and more beneficial for your business.  Removing a rooftop HVAC unit without a crane can be time consuming and often quite dangerous.  At SS Crane & Rigging we often see our customers remove and replace several units at a time.  That is, most crews can  remove the old HVAC units, swing in the curb adaptors, then lift the new units into place… all within the minimum crane rental.

Carrier, Lennox, Trane, and others all furnish a complete lineup of rooftop units set up for rigging and ready for crane lifting.  Our cranes come equipped with rigging appropriate to lift any of these hvac units by crane… so let us take a load off your mind!

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30 ton Boom Truck Crane- $160/hr w/operator, $640 minimum! 100′ main boom, 90′ working reach, fast set-up!

If you believe in the old adage “Watch your pennies and your dollars will take care of themselves”, this is the crane for you.  With a thirty ton lifting capacity and a ninety foot side reach, it can definitely help maximize your lifting dollar.  Based in Cartersville and serving the entire Northwest Atlanta area, we utilize this boom truck for rooftop air units, trees, tanks, container unloading, you name it.  It is an excellent steel erector and truss setter, fast on the highway and quick to set up.  You pay for more lifting and less travel and set-up time!  To put this crane and one of our expert operators on your job call 678-848-6386.

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Crane Lifting: 12 popular heavy lifts

  1. Air conditioning equipment. The most popular lift we make is to place or remove HVAC rooftop units.
  2. Poles. Light poles and goal posts at stadiums, sign poles and concrete traffic signal poles.
  3. Tanks. We lift and upright tanks to hold flour, water, plastic chips, gasoline, chemicals, limestone dust… you name it, we’ve probably set it.
  4. Big diggers. We help to assemble and disassemble dozers, excavators, front end loaders and ‘tonka’ trucks too big to haul in one piece. One dozer model we’ve done several times has a blade which weighs 32,000 lbs and is about the size of the side of a school bus. One of the excavators has a bucket you can park your pickup in… and your wifes car beside it… and your Harley between them.
  5. Steel buildings.
  6. Cell towers.
  7. Railroad engines and cars. One of our specialties is loading up the old cabooses and finding them new homes… at small town centers, folks riverside getaways, or just a big backyard hideout or bar.
  8. Cupolas, chimneys, roof trusses, laminated beams, chimney toppers… if it goes on a house we can put it in place effortlessly.
  9. Transformers. Most plants and some large retail stores have big green transformers around back. There is a good chance we put it there for the local power company.
  10. Concrete wall panels. We also set a lot precast concrete beams as floors and roofs of buildings and parking garages.
  11. Overseas shipping containers. We lift these off the trucks, back on the trucks, off the highways when they wreck, loaded and unloaded.
  12. Manufacturing machinery of all types: presses, balers, conveyors, truck scales, elevators, electric motors, generators, milling machines, lathes…

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