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What Size Crane Do I Need to Rent?

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A crane load rating in ‘tons’ is an ultimate test load used to roughly classify or ‘group’ machines.

For example: A new 100 ton crane has been tested by the manufacturer to lift the 200,000 lbs at an 8 foot radius. This doesn’t tell you a whole lot about how much it’ll pick out there over the roof of the hospital.

That same 100 ton crane will only lift about 10,000 lbs if you have to place the load, let’s say, on a four story building, sixty feet back from the edge of the roof.

The important thing to remember, for your pocketbook, is that if you change any of three critical parameters, you change the crane requirements. A quick example: You can place that 10,000 lb load on that four story building with a 40 ton crane all day long if the load only has to go 20′ back from the edge of the roof.

As you can see, changing one critical parameter made the difference from a $3000.00 crane bill to a $500.00 bill…$2500.00 stays in your pocket because of one ‘little’ measurement!

For crane rentals in Atlanta give us a call at 678-848-6386. Our operators can tell you exactly how much the crane will safely lift for you.

Here’s what we’ll need to know:

1) You have a fairly level solid place to set up your crane with outriggers extended.

2) Where the aerial obstructions are. Booms are fairly straight so there needs to be a clear operating area at least 40′ high extending from your set-up site to around 30′ above your load placement spot. The edge of a building is a typical obstruction. Carefully measure in three places: (1) Feet from the edge of the building to the center of the spot where the load is to be set in place; (2) Feet from the edge of the crane setup area to the wall of the building, and; (3) Feet from the ground level of the setup area to the top edge of the building that the boom must clear. These critical measurements take about five minutes at the job site and/or can often be done from the drawings.

3) How much the load you are lifting weighs! We work just as well with pounds or kilograms.

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